Princeless, Vol. 4: Be Yourself

Princeless Vol Be Yourself Angoisse Ashe the oft forgotten middle sister of the Ashe royal family is locked in a castle deep in the swamp Not only is her castle guarded by zombies but the swamp is full of dangerous hazards E

Angoisse Ashe, the oft forgotten middle sister of the Ashe royal family, is locked in a castle deep in the swamp Not only is her castle guarded by zombies, but the swamp is full of dangerous hazards Everything from quicksand to goblins to swamp monsters to VAMPIRES But does that give Adrienne pause Unfortunately not, as she and Bedelia dive head first into their most dAngoisse Ashe, the oft forgotten middle sister of the Ashe royal family, is locked in a castle deep in the swamp Not only is her castle guarded by zombies, but the swamp is full of dangerous hazards Everything from quicksand to goblins to swamp monsters to VAMPIRES But does that give Adrienne pause Unfortunately not, as she and Bedelia dive head first into their most dangerous adventure yet Be sure to pick up this collection and share every moment of this thrilling chapter of the Princeless saga

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Princeless, Vol. 4: Be Yourself

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  1. Jeremy Whitley is the son of two teachers and the husband of a third Born in La Mesa, CA, Jeremy went to high school in Lenoir, NC and college at The University of North Carolina He graduated with a Bachelors in English, a minor in Creative Writing, and a girlfriend who would soon become a wife.He and his wife Alicia live in Raleigh with their elemental daughter, Zuri Jeremy writes part time and pays bills part time.Jeremy is a founding member of Firetower Studios and Director of Marketing for Action Lab Entertainment He writes comic books, fiction, short stories, kids books, and bios.Awards and Nominations 3 time Glyph Winner5 time Glyph Nominee2 time Eisner Nominee2 time Cyblis Nominee2 time Bloomer Nominee1 time Most Likely to Succeed Winner


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  1. The Princeless series continues to deliver strong female characters, beautiful child appropriate artwork, and storylines with meaning Each time Adrienne and Bedelia venture out to rescue one of Adrienne s sisters, a facet of relationships is dissected and examined This volume dealt with abusive relationships and gender roles in government.Now, it s not that cut and dry on the surface the story itself is really fun and engaging Adrienne and Bedelia have to survive a cannibalistic tribe of goblins [...]

  2. I still really like this series, but this one felt like a bit too much plot packed into a bit too few issues Mainly, I think, because I was a bit disappointed with how little time was given to Angoisse I d really been looking forward to this storyline, which is a take on the emotionally abusive relationships sadly common to YA PNR It s one of those anvils that could use being dropped, if you know what I mean I just wish that there d been time spent on this story At the same time, I can t really [...]

  3. I like these Princeless comics, I just don t find them as compelling as other comics I ve read, ie Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Also, not a fan of all the ads for other comics in the bind ups.

  4. Brilliant as always Ridiculous monsters, unlikely companions, a Princess Bride reference , and interesting developments that help me see where the story arc is going even if it s taking AGES to get there I ve read three volumes of Princeless in 1 month, so I m pretty invested.

  5. To continue my reviews of the comics I ve read, after that brief Ursula Vernon interruptionPrinceless I really do enjoy Princeless You ve probably seen excerpts from it floating around on tumblr, and of course I ve reviewed the first three volumes here It s a smart, funny, girl focused comic, with few boys and a strong focus on the relationships between women.In this installment, Adrienne goes to rescue her third sister, Angoisse, dead middle in a family of seven and also rather gothic On her wa [...]

  6. i am so fond of devin, the king really needs to take a step back to consider what amazing children he s blessed with and quit trying to push them into his tiny boring gender role boxes i mean honestly, if i had a son who was clever and curious and a talented seamster i would be bursting with pride i would never shut up about either of them i d be the embarrassing mom who s like and this is my girl adrienne, did you know what a talented swordfighter she is, hold on, i ve got video for you and do [...]

  7. Finally this installment gets back to the roots of what makes this a fun and colorful graphic novel series Before we got sidetracked, you might remember that the mission was to rescue all the royal sisters, and middle sisters are the ones most often forgotten Fear not, our heroines are on the way to the swamp to set Angoisee free, but first they must outwit goblins, zombies, and something far worse, I cannot say what for fear of spoiling the most delightful thing about this volume Well, there ar [...]

  8. Maybe the best one yet I m biting the bullet and investing in the series thus far wish I had these when I was a kid sighing over Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty

  9. How does this series keep it s quality I adore how unique it is and it continues to find fun ways to defy the odds I don t really want it to end.

  10. I loved the part with the new sister but I didn t love the switching back and forth between all the bits leading up to that.

  11. Princeless remains a treasure of a comic It s filled with fun humour, compelling characters and wonderful messages There s the larger messages those of friendship and family, those of ignoring gender roles to do what makes you happy, and in this particular volume, a message of not needing a boyfriend to be happy But there s also smaller messages that are dropped in single panels For example, a moment of Adrienne saying that sometimes you need to raise your voice, because no one listens to you wh [...]

  12. Reading this might have been the best possible Christmas present I could have given myself Adventures continue, and Adrienne is tied with the new Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, as my favorite graphic series star That she and Kamala are both feminist, asskixy protagonists of color is a happy coincidence I was a little nervous about the goblin speaking in broken English, but there was no accent specified or implied, so I gave him a French accent in my mind, and it was awesomely hilarious Sparky the drago [...]

  13. Another outstanding installment of the Princeless series I love the further addition of characters with each volume and I m really looking forward to the next one where we meet Bedalia s dwarf relatives and Sparky may get to see the farm where the dragons and raised to be protectors where she may have come from It s so rewarding seeing everyone finding their own happiness in the book whatever that might be I hope Adrienne can find her happiness too when her quest to save her sisters is through O [...]

  14. I think this volume was my favorite so far In addition to criticizing bullying and unjust power structures, this volume investigated abusive relationships and manipulation There are a few things that I would still like to see from this series They are 1 Actual, explicitly stated, LGBT characters There s been some implied lady lady crushes but just give me some medieval girlfriends, please 2 Good characters who fit into the traditional gender roles The reversal of gender roles does an awesome job [...]

  15. I m still really liking this series and I really loved how much attention Sparky the dragon got in this particular volume view spoiler Although I kinda like the vampire princess and villain I feel like it was rushed hide spoiler I m very excited to see the brother and Wolf kid join forces to find his mother and I wonder if this will be part of the story or another spin off Things are starting to get interesting Ashley

  16. This was another not so good volume I m not saying it was horrible or anything but it could have been better I felt like they spent way too much time with the goblin characters and Sparky I wasn t that into the parts with her brother either Although that other little monster was freakin adorable I also kinda miss the art style from the last volume.

  17. Another cute installment of this series It was a little jarring for me since it has been a while since I read the last volume, but I m enjoying seeing the various princess sisters and how they each cope with their lots differently The goblins were fun, and I loved their little arc of politics and monsters and the embossed business card D.

  18. While I still very much love the series and I know the target audience is much younger than I am I feel this volume was a bit weak compared to the previous volumes Or it just may be I m than slightly disappointed at the lack of Raven in this volume It may be there were too many plotlines that I wanted to follow in depth but were not focused on, like the development of Adrienne s brother s quest I m really glad that a comic for young girls expressly addresses issues such as gender roles in poli [...]

  19. Princess Adrienne is off to rescue another one of her sisters This time it is moody Angoisse stuck in a tower in the swamp Angoisse isn t alone however She believes herself in love with a vampire knight Little did she know he was not what he seemed Adrienne, Bedelia and Sparky also help the goblins of the swamp with a little monster problem Turns out the monster is not who they think it was There is so much to love with this series It is original and awesome.

  20. Yet again, Princeless has captured my heart This is one of my favorite volumes yet Princeless is funny, feminist, creative and well imagined I seriously did not want this one to be over and I can t wait until I get my hands on volume 5 Perfect for fans of Lumberjanes and similar all ages comics Princeless is the fairy tale we all need.

  21. Three and a half stars I love the series, but after reading Raven the Pirate Princess, I have to admit I m not as excited about Adrienne and Bedelia s questing They re great characters, but their stories feel a little younger, and Raven is just all grown up and putting together the most badass pirate crew of all time.

  22. I feel like this series is starting to lose me a littleI didn t really care for the goblin story line much, or the Angoisse one, although I do like that Devin s getting some screen time and I LOVED the The Princess and the Pony reference

  23. Follow along with our daring princess hero as she rescues another of sisters This one is still just as much fun, empowering, and funny as the other Princeless graphic novels Keep reading They also introduce some awesome cute, cuddly, and not so cute and cuddly creatures

  24. 2.5 stars, I didn t like this one that much since it felt like not much happened, but I loved the swamp goblins and I m interested to see where Devin s plot goes.

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