Travels with a Fairytale Monster

Travels with a Fairytale Monster Alone in the world with only her brother to care for Taylor is struggling to survive For years a war has torn apart her kingdom turning the one time tailor into a solider in the local militia Now

Alone in the world, with only her brother to care for, Taylor is struggling to survive For years, a war has torn apart her kingdom, turning the one time tailor into a solider in the local militia Now her village is under attack Taylor s fought long and hard for freedom, but now it seems that she s on the losing side of the battle As her town burns, her enemies unleashAlone in the world, with only her brother to care for, Taylor is struggling to survive For years, a war has torn apart her kingdom, turning the one time tailor into a solider in the local militia Now her village is under attack Taylor s fought long and hard for freedom, but now it seems that she s on the losing side of the battle As her town burns, her enemies unleash one final weapon Something so terrible that it s been the stuff of legends An Ogre A massive monster who can grow as tall as a giant and ignite his whole body in ravaging flames Nothing can stop such a beast.Unless Taylor figures out a way to free him from his captivity and convince him to join her team, instead Last of the race of ogres, Dom has spent years enslaved by the humans He doesn t understand them He doesn t like them And he sure doesn t care about their pointless wars When he first sees Taylor, though, he begins to seriously reconsider his hatred for her people Taylor is nothing like the other humans She s brave and beautiful and full of ideas Sure she s a little bit small, but he s still dazzled with his good fortune Ogres recognize their mate when the first see them and everything in Dom knows this crazy redhead is supposed to be his He just needs to convince her that an ogre can be Mr Right When Taylor tells Dom she has a plan to end this ridiculous war, he eagerly agrees to help her and her screw up of a brother reach the king I

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Travels with a Fairytale Monster

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  1. Overeducated and underemployed, Elizabeth Lizzy Gannon lives in Florida with her sister Cassandra Gannon who is also an author She enjoys romance novels, comic books, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and soap operas She has always been the type of person who genuinely votes for the bad guys in movies, TV and video games, and usually can t stand the hero Even as a child all of her Barbies were always criminals and or ninja assassins, but their hair still looked perfect.She has two dogs, and is lorded over by the world s most evil cat.


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  1. The story is fast paced with some really fun, sarcastic dialogue It was a fresh idea to me to have an attractive ogre.The plethora of f bombs was surprising considering this is a fantasyd I wasn t impressed The are also many words in italics This did made it clear how the characters were stressing what they said but wasn t fun to read Besides the profanity there are are lot of lusty thoughts that push this story into 17 There is a misunderstanding that goes on for most of the book that caused m [...]

  2. Typos extremely sparse woo hoo Laughed A TON Two quibbles past for passedeveryone speaks in ITALICS differentiation between characters All in all, loved it a lot, laughed a lot, and WAS EXTREMELY AMUSED AND INTERESTED

  3. 3.5 Not as funny as the super villains409 pages is not long enough perhaps I do enjoy getting to know the secondary characters, Ransom especially she really needs her own book, we don t even know her real name there s so much to tell and Uriah hey, why isn t his name simply Pirate as well.

  4. So hilarious The story was something completely new and the characters were absolutely wonderful I loved the humor and the relationship between the characters I laughed throughout the whole book Awesome

  5. I really enjoyed the plot of this book But than anything else, I was spellbinder by the absolutely good an rich writing.

  6. The plot is nice, there s action, there s strategy, HOWEVER, the heroine is a biting, she s seen as the super capable, resourceful, the oh so intelligent and gifted strategist when she s not really all that, she sounds over confident in various occasions and that s a bit annoying The hero is fine, absolutely devoted to his fated, nevertheless, that wasn t enough to save the plot for me.Sometimes the conversations looked uninteresting and the attempts at humor, forced.Didn t finish the book, it c [...]

  7. Just plain funEver since I discovered this author I have had a field day binging on her books This one was no exception Luckily I started it after a shift on a Saturday so that I wouldn t have to put it down because I just couldn t stop laughing My only thought was that I wished the heroine would listen but the whole book was great and I will definitely be going back for

  8. I really enjoyed this book also I loved the relationship between Taylor and Dom because it reminded me of Beauty and the Beast, even if the story here is absolutely original Plus I loved Ryle s character the dialogues are absolutely entertaining and like Nobody likes fairytale pirates is beautifully written MUST READ

  9. Got to 30% and just couldntThe first bit was promising and i was on board, then noticed that there are at least 10 20 italicized words on each page Like i as a reader cant inflect the dialogue in my head As though i am too stupid to understand english cadence and meaning without being slapped in the face The dialogue became soupy and repetitive pretending to be wittish and clever And i gave up.

  10. I don t know why but this book fell spectacularly flat for me It was a Gannon book which I usually love for their witty characters and sarcastic dialogue but I felt like I missed the celebration for this one.The main couple were just about as enthralling and emotional as a bunch of stoned pancakes, and the plot was into the toilet for the most part The humour wasn t even on point, as it usually is with these guilty pleasure books of the Gannon sisters except when it was related to Ransom and Uri [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this book Sarcasm, a smart heroine, pirates, there was little not to love That being said I can t give it five stars I even tossed up over four because I did really love this book except for the rather frequent detailed mentions of rape A passing mention and I probably would ve dismissed it but Buggane constantly gives explicit detail about what he wants to do to the women and it made me sick So in good conscience I can t give five stars and four is probably pushing it as well b [...]

  12. So different, so goodThis book is nothing like I ve read before well fantacy romance yes but never in the way that this story was told I read one of her sister s books first and loved it I wasn t sure about this one but I wanted to give her a chance too This is a silly story yet it moved me I laughed out loud, got mad a couple times, and truly felt for the best pirate barbarian I ve ever had the pleasure of reading about There were two areas that I had a small issue with I felt that the way the [...]

  13. A very silly book of Ogre loveThis reminds me of some 1920s farcical play where lots would be settled quickly if all the characters just sat down listened to each other Lots of great, ridiculous dialogue.It seems to be set in medieval times based on weaponry, but people talk in 21st century slang It has a Mad Hatter crazy logic that can be fun or a bit scary, but the violence isn t too descriptive threatening than actual There is a bit of sex for those who are sensitive to such things But this [...]

  14. Quite a nice surprise of a book I really enjoyed the voice of the whole thing I laughed out loud several times throughout the book, as several characters were quite sarcastic and done pretty well, as sarcasm can be TOTALLY mis written.A bit physical romance than I expected, so if you are not into any sex descriptions in your reading, go into this one eyes open or one eye closed if that makes you comfortable Otherwise, good job, and I plan on checking out some of her books.

  15. This book started out well The ogre was funny, the heroine and her brother had a good relationship and were trying to survive the war But the ogre s blind devotion got annoying after a while Her brother even commented he would do or say anything to impress her I put the book down and never picked it back up.

  16. Hilarious This book is absolutely hilarious I laughed nonstop and thoroughly enjoyed both the characters and the world Although I wasn t a huge fan of Uriah and ransom I m a sucker for the good guys They were still awesome characters though, but I loved Dom and Taylor.

  17. I decided not to finish this book The crudity of the language really bothered me I read fantasy for relaxation not to be bludgeoned by bad language.

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