Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #7

Ms Marvel Kamala may be fan girling out when her favorite okay maybe Top Five super hero shows up for some help but that won t stop her from protecting her hometown Who is the Inventor and what does he wan

Kamala may be fan girling out when her favorite, okay maybe Top Five , super hero shows up for some help, but that won t stop her from protecting her hometown Who is the Inventor, and what does he want with Kamala and all her friends Maybe Wolverine can be of some help.

  • Unlimited Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #7 - by G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie
    450 G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie
Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #7

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  1. G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie

    G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #7 book, this is one of the most wanted G. Willow Wilson Jake Wyatt Jacob Wyatt Jamie McKelvie author readers around the world.


Ms. Marvel (2014-2015) #7 Comment

  1. Everyone is hyping how the main character is a Muslim, Pakistani girl which is great , but what I find even fascinating is that we get a down to earth plain person to be a super hero.Not thisbut thisthe Muslim Pakistani girl is just a big bonus D

  2. Let it be known that even after being told she wrote fanfiction about him and published it on the internet, that Wolverine stans Kamala so much that he gets his friends to fall in love with her by only showing them a picture of her eating a gyro Hopefully Kamala won t die of joy once she finds out

  3. Look at that great Jamie McKelvie cover of Kamala taking a selfie with Wolverine how adorable and fangirlish The second half of Kamala s first superhero team up with the legendary Wolverine sees the pair fight a giant crocodile in the New Jersey sewers before dodging traps set by the evil Inventor What I like about this team up though is that it s between a complete newb and one of the most experienced superheroes in the Marvel U, and yet it s Kamala who s doing all of the heavy lifting she s sa [...]

  4. This series just keeps getting better and better Wilson s writing is laugh out loud funny, and solid every issue.

  5. Wolverine So she s an inhuman I should google it But dont want any spoilers, and this new heroine is really fun and enjoyable

  6. I love the new Inhuman entrances, also Wolverine and Kamala s bonding is amazing.The action and side dialogues are so good I can t even complain about missing regular non Ms Marvel life and Bruno.

  7. Introducing the Amazing Box with Legs Man, also known as Thigh Gap Extraordinaire Man, also known as Wolverine.I really like this series I like the characters, the story and the different view it gives because of how Kamala is not a standard type for a superhero But I m not very excited to read on I feel like the art style really took a dive during the 6th and 7th issue and the plot is starting to loose my interest.I do recommend it because it really is good I m just loosing interest because it [...]

  8. Oh my gods Kamala fan girling over her superhero mentor is what gives me life in this issue It s not only the fact that she admits to writing a fan fiction about him, but also that they bond so well, they grab a bite to eat after the fighting is done Head over heels for each other as a team This is only amplified by the super creepy feeling you get when you find out what the villain is actually up to

  9. Another great issue this comic just solidifies itself and as one of my favorite comics This issue, with a heavy dose of Wolverine, is incredible fun it s great to watch Kamala interact with Wolverine as a mentor figure, and to see her square her shoulders under her superhero mantle Also introducing Lockjaw

  10. I have no idea who the lady was at the end I recognised Cap at the end, of course or who Lockjaw is, but I am looking forward to finding out where this goes next I ll have to do some research.The interplay between Kamala and Wolvie continued to be adorable in this issue, but overall it didn t quite sparkle as much as previous issues.

  11. Part 2 of a two part story I m not sure I m enculturated enough into Marvel comics to know the direction the end of this one is going, but Wolverine appearing as not his Hugh Jackman self is a nice touch.

  12. Very, very enjoyable series This one was fun, but didn t have the impact of some of the others This isn t really a criticism, I don t think that pace is sustainable The series definitely gets five stars.

  13. Kamala is learning about all the ups and downs of being a superhero with a grumpy old man oh, wait, it s the Wolverine.Good to see her learning from her heroes, being able not to fangirl too much and save HER city.

  14. I just love the accelerated pace of this comics So wolverine is here and he is pretty hilarious too The inventor is than some thug The avengers know about Kamala and are sending some one off to help her.I am super excited about the rest of these series.

  15. It s great how down to earth, plain and humble Kamala is She s like any other teenager, struggling to be the best version of herself She is very much relatable and brings a whole new aspect to the superhero world.

  16. I literally have zero idea what is happening in the marvel comic universe when wolverine mentioned jean grey school i need to catch up

  17. This issue was everything I ever could have wanted it to be, sassy dialogue, interesting story arc and I m still completely blown away by the art.

  18. Kamala y Wolverine contra un cocodrilo gigante enviado por un hombre cacat a Incluye portada de James McKelvie 5 estrellas sin pensarlo.

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