Nandhini's Girl with a Red Nose Ring

Nandhini s Girl with a Red Nose Ring A young man struggles against a deadly supernatural entity who possesses his loving wife when she wears a mysterious red nose ring Sivappu Kal Mookuthi is a Romantic Horror Graphic Novel written and c

A young man struggles against a deadly supernatural entity who possesses his loving wife when she wears a mysterious red nose ring Sivappu Kal Mookuthi is a Romantic Horror Graphic Novel written and created by filmmaker Nandhini JS, known for her Tamil romantic comedy movie Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru It is the very first Digital Graphic Novel in Tamil language.

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Nandhini's Girl with a Red Nose Ring

About Author

  1. Writer and Director of Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru 2009 , Creator of the Graphic Novel Sivappu Kal Mookuthi Girl with a Red Nose Ring.


Nandhini's Girl with a Red Nose Ring Comment

  1. I am so excited to see this first of it s kind Tamil digital novel Interesting story line Good characters Beautiful graphics I had a slight marmadesam feeling at the beginning of the novel You know that exciting, comfortable, expectations filled feeling that you get when you settle in for a mystery thriller book or movie That s what I meant by my marmadesam feeling I am so glad this novel provoked that feeling in me I am not going to provide a summary here as it might ruin the fun of future read [...]

  2. I bought Graphic Novel Sivappu Kal Mookuthi Tamil Girl with a Red Nose Ring English from mbcomicstudio Is a fantastic make Right from the first page, we can see the quality An image 1000 words For making such speaking image the director and the team has put lot of efforts.They have given precised and distinct features for each role Every image speaks perfectly From page 43 I got goose pimples many times real success of proper expressions Crisp dialogues I did not feel like reading I felt like wa [...]

  3. The first thing that struck me about Nandhini s Sivappukkal mookuthi or its English version Girl with a Red nose ring was its quality of work The illustrations were simply mind blowing The hues and color values of the scenery and the characters, the minute facial expressions which was hitherto observed only in Hollywood animated movies have been brought out with great dedication The script is fairly straightforward and uncomplicated but the way it has been etched in the imagery is what deserves [...]

  4. 130 , digital print download , , aliens , visualisation shadow , , , , , aliens colorful ah alien , terrific , dialogues .

  5. Thank you Nandhini mam for the attempt first actually i never thought it to be so thrilling and interesting affair.Being a comic book fan from childhood was waiting for this really since the trailer was released ,it is a good story with love ,thrill and the other suspenseful stuffs which i think revealing would spoil the fun.From the beginning till end it was really engaging when i felt its predictable it hit my head back with Twists and thrills The dialogues though really good , I read in Tamil [...]

  6. So Glad to review this first contemporary Digital Novel in Tamil I was following SKM from its starting stage in facebook I was so excited for its release, and now it created a bench mark As I am also a budding Graphic Artist, was wondering to see digital art experts in Tamilnadu, Mahesh and Sainath Fulfilled that quest All Graphics are so attractive and well communicating the scene Face Expressions are handled well, Hats off to them.Now about the story, no doubt Frame by frame interesting story [...]

  7. got a chance to read this book tamil version recently and no doubt It is a real treat for comics lovers the author is a film maker, the lady who gave a lovely debut movie Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru the story is around a girl and ya, the creator made sure we all love her the story line is awesome, the characters are well written and the play does have some interesting twists towards the end we would have read a lot similar to this, but as a graphic novel, the reading experience is different the art [...]

  8. It was a bringing my school days into me Thanks SKM and Team I appreciate the efforts and hard work put in by Nandhini on such digital comic in Tamil.The story started as a young couple to be married , discussing about LOVE.It is lovable script to me.Simply it took me to the discussions i made with my partner when we started our life.Then onwards it sucked in the Thrilling mystery world of Comics.Myself and my friend Karthikeyan were brought a hand made , monthly comic book when studying standar [...]

  9. Sivappu Kal Mookuthi has been on my wish list since the day it was announced, and I literally jumped on the chance to read it It was very evident from the start that this was a graphic novel from a filmmaker I could see the screenwriter in the author taking us through a film as I read it It had a good mix of suspense, thrill, mystery, supernatural elements, and the twist in the end was definitely unexpected The artists have done a great job with the illustrations, and had a bunch of very interes [...]

  10. Long wait is over Was expecting to read this book in Tamil for very long Got the book as soon as it got released Initially eyeballed few pages and immediately I knew that its gonna be an amazing graphic novel Dedicated few hours to complete After completing the story It did not disappoint No time wasted unneccessairly to set up the story Getting to know each character was easy The graphics were amazing Good flow to story throughtout, easy to follow I personally enjoyed first half however all bu [...]

  11. My Hearty Wishes for New Attempt Really Its amazing story and its gives the childhood memories of reading novels in Newspaper Supplement of Siruvar Malar or Siruvar Mani.About Book is amazing screenplay and its give complete movie experience amazing visual Graphicsd hats off to creator of the book giving wonderful experience of reading first graphic novel.Thank u for Being Example for Young Creator

  12. This is the first digital i hav read in tamil greta wrk.cially the digital wrks nd images very nice.i really enjoyed the readings a visual treatspl thanks for nandini mam for a character chanthurund congradulation for mahesh nd sathyanath for tis great work would be better if it had pageswaiting for its sequel.rates nandhini ep on writing waiting for ur nxt story.nd tis story as a on screen film

  13. Sivapukal Mookuthi It has got everything to keep you glued and curious about what s going to happen next To me it was a beautiful journey that left me filled with a breezy love story full of unexpected twists and turns It haunts with it s mindblowing illustrations Maya was absolutely lovable Congrats to Nandhini JS Mam and her whole team for bringing in Digital comic culture to our Tamizh readers SKM If you are looking for a fantasy love thriller, then place your orders right away

  14. Girl with red stone ring Good storyline, very good illustrations Interesting twists that make the reader think ok that was unexpected, what s next , Turning point of the story is when the reader assumes its a horror mystery and it turns into a find out for urself Kudos to the author and the creative team on the attempt Keep them coming Cheers to the author , J Nandhini on her great work

  15. I read the tamil Version.It is really a Visual treat Excellent pictorial representation of the characters was simply like watching a movie t the it started like a usual tamil story but the twist was good which made me to complete story with a thrilling effectfelt like we had of iti am ready for its sequel.

  16. wow just awesome i never read horror comics this is my first horror graphic comic the story , sketching, coloring, the expressions were toooooo good keep coming bring a sequel, and for those who are yet to read be surprised for the amazing twist in the endi bet you wont see that coming

  17. An Epic Digital novel Characters and their names too works good as its title Specially SHADOW This was my first experience to read a digital novel, and it was good Wishes to the Director Nandhini mam for this novel and her upcoming novels Thanks

  18. Top class quality Thoroughly enjoyed reading with stunning pictures and colours Congrats Nandhini for a trendsetting tamil e comic It has all the elements to become a blockbuster tamil movie.

  19. AmazingThe story and graphical representation were great really an amazing book It s worth buying Hats off to the author NANDHINI.

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