Otherworldly (The Sirens of Falkeld #2)

Otherworldly The Sirens of Falkeld None


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Otherworldly (The Sirens of Falkeld #2)

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  1. Julie Tuovi is a read a holic, Diet Coke addict, and lover of all things sparkly Especially nail polish In her spare time Julie likes to hunt zombies, debate the merits of pirate v ninja, and rescue small kittens from trees Oh and plot ways to take over the universe A history enthusiast, concert pianist, and attorney but only when there s nothing better to do , she currently lives in Colorado, where you can often find her writing and dreaming of far off, magical places The Sirens of Falkeld is her first novel, and was a 2016 RONE Award Winner and Reader s Favorite Finalist She is represented by Moe Ferrara at Bookends Literary Stay tuned for at thebookmemoirs


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