Second Chances

Second Chances Life Unveiled series book coming this fall

Life Unveiled series book 2 coming this fall

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Second Chances

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  1. Born in Toronto, Canada where I currently reside as a wife and mother.All my life I have been a dreamer, a reader, and writer As a child, I had trouble staying focused in school, which resulted in 3 red X s on the tardy board and only when my grade 5 teacher punished me by keeping me in the classroom during recess , did I discover books Up until then I could not read I spent the entire year, alone in a portable, while the other kids played To some this sounds terrible to me, it was a blessing.I was able to regain my recess privileges the following year


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  1. I hope whoever takes the time to read this book enjoys it as much as I enjoyed writing it It will be available May 2015.

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